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Is Liverpool the city of The Beatles?

Yes! We can answer that they absolutely left their mark. There are statues, museums, houses, pubs and a lot of stores with everything you can picture about the band.

We super recommend at least 2 days to know that city well. That’s enough for the main attractions if you don’t have much time. We stayed there for 8 days, and we’ll show what we really liked to visit.

Albert Dock

As Liverpool is a port city, next to Mersey river, there are lots of docks that used to work full blast, loading and unloading a lot of products of the boats and ships that moored thereabout.

Nowadays, Albert Dock is one of the main attractions of the city, and we walked through it in a whole morning, from the memorial dedicated to the heroes of Titanic’s machine room, passing through the famous statue of The Beatles, a mandatory passthrough for photos (lol), and the museum of Liverpool. And around the dock you’ll find a lot of very stylized food trucks and also many pubs, cafés and restaurants.

Albert Dock

Statute of The Beatles

Building Clock at the Port

Museum of Liverpool

Merseyside Maritime Museum

We loved that museum! The reason number 1 is because the entrance is free, and the number 2 is because there are three floors full of history. A lot of stories relate about Titanic and images about the shipwreck and the other ship, Lusitania, which was the target of a German torpedo and sank too, losing thousands of lives. And you’ll see countless objects of the First and the Second World War, from clothes to big bombs and torpedoes. I thought it was amazing to see a little about that fascinating and tragic history!

Here’s the site for you to check:

Torpedo (bomb)

Dock with Maritime Museum

The Cavern Club

There are a lot of places where The Beatles used to play around the city, but we decided to go to one of the most known pubs. At the entrance, you already need to pay 2.50 pounds (10 reais), but they worth a lot, as there are two super cool environments with live music all the time. By the way, the guys rock by playing widely varied songs!

And the amazing is that the environments are rather close to each other, but the sound doesn’t go to the other side. We enjoyed the place a lot, we felt like not leaving anymore! Here’s the site: In the same street, you’ll find many other pubs with live music, you just have to pick one and have a good time…

Entrance of Cavern Club

Local Beer

Interior and Bar

Statue of John Lennon

John Lennon’s House and Penny Lane

As we stayed in the city for lots of days, we decided to visit John Lennon’s house, and the street is very known for the Beatles’s song Penny Lane, in a very interesting district. As we walked there from our Airbnb, we visited some parks along the way which are too beautiful, and it was a great day for walking.

We passed through Newsham Park, Selton Park, Stanley Park, and Walton Hall Park, magnificent places with a lot of greens, plants, animals and many people enjoying Summer. If you have time, it’s worthwhile to check it.

John Lennon's House

Selton Park

Street Plate of Penny Lane

Stanley Park

Architecture and Cathedral

It’s impossible not to notice the beauty of the imposing buildings in the city, the most beautiful ones we say were: St George’s Hall, Royal Liver Building, the Mersey Ferries Building, Cunard Building and, to end the list, the cathedral of Liverpool, built on St James mount. It’s the longest and the fifth larger one in the world, and it can be visited for free, you just have to pay 5 pounds (20 Reais) if you want to go to the tower.

Here’s the site:

Cathedral of Liverpool

Central Monument

Inside the Cathedral

Mersey Ferries Building

Anfield Stadium

Our Airbnb was pretty much beside the arena of the city’s team, and we couldn’t help going to the place where some rather famous Brazilian players, such as Firmino, Fabinho and Alisson, play. What if we bumped into them? Lol!

The stadium can be visited for 25 pounds (125 reais) per tour, the store is right beside it and people enter all the time to buy everything you can picture of the brand of the team.

Here’s the site:

Liverpool's Coat of Arms

Liverpool Stadium

Where to stay

We chose to stay with Airbnb, and we found an excellent place, a complete house, just 5 km from the center very close to the Anfield arena and some tourist spots as well as several parks, we still had full attention by our host. Let’s leave here our Airbnb link, so you can get a discount too, Good!

Means of Transport

We arrived via National Express bus from London Victoria, worth 16 pounds (80 reais) each ticket. Once inside the city we went by bus to our Airbnb, as the bus stop is in front of the bus station.

The local means of transport are great and very comfortable, it is very easy to use, there are totems where you can buy tickets 2 Pounds, or pay the driver.


Safely of the City

For the period that we stayed we found it very safe, and we saw little policing in the streets and in the tourist spots. We walked a lot throughout the city during the day and it was very quiet, people are super friendly and helpful. We also avoid walking alone after 9 pm. We love walking around here.

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Kind of Currency

Liverpool’s local currency is the Pound, and the exchange rate in August / 2019 is $ 1.00 to 0.82 Pound. We recommend changing the currency in a safe place such as an airport or an Exchange, bank in the city. It is good to always have the local currency.

Total Expenses

Our currency expenses (REAL) in Liverpool for 8 days for the couple looked like this:

Food: R$ 176.00 (market, snacks)

Transportation: R$ 47.00 (bus)

Accommodation: R$ 777.00 (Airbnb)

We love the city!

Being able to visit somewhere calmly can take you to absolutely gorgeous places. And we saw many details as some traces of the Second World War at some points of the city, as we saw some rifle shot marks on some bridges and even a church where a missile fell down and damaged all the roof and the inner part, but it’s still entire outside. The city keeps some really remarkable history.