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Tami and Rafa

We are from the city of Joinville, in the state of Santa Catarina, and we met each other in 2003. Since then, we haven’t been apart anymore. We have achieved our graduations, our apartment, our car, we’ve built our professional careers and started traveling. We’ve visited Europe (7 countries), the United States, we’ve been to Canada for a student’s exchange program and we have visited a lot of cities in Brazil.

That was when we started our desire to travel the whole world. As soon as I became a photographer, that became very present in our daily life, because I’ve always wished to take photos in amazing places, and then a question came out: let’s travel the world?

Life x Job

So, we started thinking about it. Life is just like that (working and going back home),
we had already achieved our professional careers, material assets, but there was
something still missing. The thoughts crossed our minds, life x job, safety, fears,
finances. Then we decided to match our dream in common and travel the world, visit
amazing places, new cultures, leave the comfort zone, have unique experiences and
create our ideal way of life.

Decisive moment

In March 2018, in a serious talk, we started the choice of our lives with this statement: The world is so large, so let’s explore it.
Then the project ‘Couple Trip World’ came out. Yes, you read it right, that was our first name… LOL. First of all, I posted photos of trips we had already taken, and we kept improving our dream, researching, studying, to make it a real project that could come true.
After planning for five months, searching for enough information, checking every single detail of the project, getting in touch with people who already live around the world, organizing our finances to make it possible, we concluded that our dream is feasible and that there are ways to make it happen.

New moment

So, we changed the name of the project to ‘Coutrips’, we improved the Instagram art, created a Blog, all to be our way and to be able to share our experiences and tips with people.

The name Coutrips came by the following way:

Cou / ple + Trips = Coutrips

During the preparative time, we made a lot of friends and partners by telling our dream and sharing our project with them, and now here we are, about to put out to a 18-month trip around the world, drop more than 50 countries and walk around all the 5 continents.
We’re going to share all the experiences with you, telling daily by the Instagram and the Blog, to inspire you to make your dreams come true and explore even more this big world!

Tami – I’m a Business Analyst and Photographer as a hobby. I’m also a traveling, visiting places and meeting people lover. And decided that I needed to achieve my dream to travel the world. I love to record moments with my pictures and then tell my history to everyone. The world is fabulous, that’s why I want to enjoy my life.

Rafa – I’m a Mechanical Engineer who likes musical instruments, I love to discover new cultures and enjoy ancient history around the world. I like to visit different places and share my experiences. The world charms me, that’s why I love traveling.