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We got to Malta and, believe it or not, that island is inhabited since 5200 B.C., and it’s the smallest country in Europe. When we landed in the airport, we already knew that there is an excellent system of public transportation, and as soon as we left, we got a bus and went to our Airbnb. It was super simple and easy to use. Valletta is the capital city and one of the most expensive places to lodge, so we stayed in the city beside it, Saint Julian’s, and it’s also a strategic place to visit other points of the island.

Here we’ll share what to visit in 03 days in that wonderful island.

Saint Julian’s 

It’s a well-structured city, it has an architecture with a mix of the old and the new, and in a nice walking around the coast, it’s possible to identify a lot of stony coves, and you can ride a boat to a lot of points in the island. At the sidewalk, there are lots of counters which sell the tickets, you just have to choose the kind of tour.

There are also a lot of pubs, snack bars and even a shopping center, and we super recommend the supermarket chain Lidl. We went searching to fill our fridge, for fair prices.

Ferry of Saint Julian`s

Houses with Traditional Windows

Blue Lagoon

It’s a surprising place, with crystalline waters and a gorgeous landscape. Whatever you look is all awesome! Arriving at that place was easy and peaceful, we used a bus and a ferry. Here’s a tip: download the app Moovit to make it easier, we paid 6 Euros (28 Reais) round trip by bus and 13 Euros (60 Reais) round trip by ferry, prices per person.

At Blue Lagoon, it’s advisable to plan to go very early, even more if it’s high season, as the place gets crowded of tourists. If you can, you’d better go on a weekday.

The place has few sandbanks to relax, so the only way is to stay around the rocks, take a towel and find a fine edge. Well, no words about the water, it’s so beautiful and crystalline, a magnificent blue emerald.

Around the beach, you can find restrooms, snack bars, drinks and fast food. It’s a little expensive, we used to take snacks in our backpacks, and we saw a lot of people doing the same. About the ferry, it’s very fast, 15 minutes until the island, and it’s nice that they pass near the caves among the tick wall of rocks.

Blue Lagoon

Enjoying Blue Lagoon

Visual of Blue Lagoon - Arrival of Ferries

Crystalline Waters


It’s a small city in the island, and it was the capital city of Malta until the mid-1500’s, the great attraction of that place is the city inside a great wall, used then for protection, as nowadays, there are local residents. The access is free, the population keep the culture and the customs. It has the church of Saint Paul, built in honor to the apostle Paul, as he preached around there. That cathedral has a spectacular interior. Surrounding the church, there are dwellings, restaurants, stores, ice cream parlors and strategic points to take a beautiful photo.

The exterior side is no better than the interior, it’s very beautiful to walk around there, and it’s nice because, on weekends, there is a fair with samples of traditional dances, food, beverages and games to remember that glorious time. The access can be done by bus, there are lot of ones for that route.

Inside the Walls

View of the City from the Walls

Church of Mdina

Fair of Cultural Attractions


Valletta is the current capital city of Malta, an amazing city totally protected by its imponent walls that surround it since 1568, and there is an amazing view of the canals and the sea surrounding them. The liners laid up beside it make the landscape even more beautiful. At the main entrance, there is a wide area with a huge fountain, and the gates are totally open to the thousands of tourists which visit it every day. It can be accessed by the ferry that comes from Saint Julian’s too.

Inside the great wall, it’s charming to walk around all of the streets, and stairways projected not only for pedestrians, but for the knights that used to protect it. At certain times of the day, there are shots of cannons, that remind us about the battles of the past, next to the cannons. It’s an ideal place to take great photos.

Entrance to Valleta

Endless Stairways

Inside the Gates

Visual of the Center of Valleta

Where to Stay

We chose to stay in Airbnb, and we found a great location in a private room at an apartment, only 1 kilometer far from the beach and 4 kilometers far from the center of the city of Valletta, where there are a lot of touristic attractions such as churches, museums and the own city, quite near stores, restaurants, pubs and cafés, and we had total attention from our hosts.

Here is our Airbnb, link, where you can have a discount too!

Main of Transportation

We always search the most practical mean, easy to use and cheap. As the city has an excellent public means of transportation, we used buses and ferries a lot. We rode around lots of points of the city, as well as other tourists do. The prices provide one hour and a half to use and change the bus during that time, it costs 1.50 Euros (7 Reais). Here’s the tip again: download the app Moovit, you can find hours and bus lines too, the routes and prices.

Safety of the City

We thought it’s very safe during the time we stayed there. We saw some policing in the streets, but no guards at the touristic attractions. We walked a lot through all over the city during the daytime and it was very peaceful, the people are super friendly and helpful.

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Kind of Currency

The local currency of Malta is Euro, and the exchange in dollar for May/2019 is $1.00 to 0.90 Euros. We recommend to exchange the currency in a safe place such as an airport or at Exchange, a bank in the city. It’s always good to have the local currency.

Expenses in Malta

Our expenses in currency (REAIS) in Malta during 3 days for the couple were the following:

Feeding: R$102.00 (market, snacks)

Tours: R$118.00 (tour)

Transportation: R$189.00 (flight, bus)

Lodging: R$300.00 (Airbnb)

It’s a place with multiples charms, when it comes to a town with so much history, and the main and most visited ones are Valletta, Comino and Gozo, but it’s not the end. In one week, you can see all of the attraction that are in that island, and still in summer you can enjoy its beautiful beaches and go snorkeling a lot.