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What attracted us the most to visit Pompeii and Naples was their history about the Mount Vesuvius and its great volcanic eruption in 79 A.D., which buried an entire city, and it’s possible to visit it nowadays thanks to some diggings done in the 18th century. We stayed at an Airbnb quite near the top of the volcano, and the city has excellent means of transportation by trains. So, in addition, we visited Naples, the homeland of pizza.

Mount Vesuvius

If it hadn’t been for Mount Vesuvius, we wouldn’t have so much history in the city of Pompeii, which cost the life of many Romans who lived there about. The date of the eruption was August 25th, 79 A.D., known due to some filed letters of people who lived in Naples. They were sent to Rome to tell the terrible happening.

Mount Vesuvius

Vineyards and Volcano

Diggins of Pompeii

The diggings would start only in 1738, so we couldn’t drop that amazing tour around the ruins, which was done in a whole morning, as there are so many things to be seen such as temples, statues, houses, gardens, a museum, baths, a theater, an amphitheater, and a magnificent view of the dormant volcano. The entrance fee to Old Pompeii in diggings is 17 Euros (77 Reais).

In front of the box offices, it’s also possible to get a bus that take the tour until a place very next to the volcano, from 3 Euros (13.50 Reais), but if you want to see the crater, you need to pay 10 Euros (45 Reais) in addition, and walk for 800 meters.

Another place where we had a wonderful view of the region and of Vesuvius was from Castel Dell’Ovo, which is located in Naples, we stayed there for hours to watch the sea and the landscape.

View of the Amphitheater

Monument of the Knight

Statue of the Man

Streets of Old Pompeii


It’s third most populated city in Italy and has over 2500 years of history, we went through the central region and saw a lot of theaters, museums, churches, ballet schools, and it has centenarian architectures and three castles, which are:

Castel Nuovo, in front of the port, the entrance fee is 6 Euros (27 Reais);

Castel Sant’ Elmo, in the upper part of the city, the entrance fee is 7 Euros (32 Reais);

Castel Dell’Ovo, isolated in a small peninsula, the entrance is free. We went there to check it out and it has an excellent view of the port and the city. Why that name? A legend has it that the Latin poet Virgil hid a magical egg in the secret of the building, keeping all the stronghold up (stories, right!).

View of the Port of Naples to the City

Castle Dell'Ovo

Castle Nuovo

View of the city up from Castel Dell'Ovo

Center of the City

Tourists search to enjoy the best restaurants in the world, which have all of a charm and refine 5 stars, in a very romantic air to enjoy as a couple, and there are also options for who wants to have fun with friends. For who wants to go shopping, there are lots of designer stores, and you’ll find wonderful purses, jewelry, shoes and dresses!

It’s a pity, but walking around the city, you can’t help noticing the dirtiness in the streets and sidewalks of Naples. It’s such a visited city by thousands of tourists that arrive through the huge port beside downtown, with so many cruise ships entering every day.

Streets of Luxury Hotels

Visual of Where Cruise Ships Access the Port

Port and Marina of Naples

Dirty Streets

Pizzeria of Michele

As that’s the land of pizza, we visited Pizzeria Da Michele, appreciated as one of the oldest pizza bars in the world. Created in 1870, it’s been working at full blast so far. You need to get a password, wait outside for some minutes to be served (crazy!), because the demand is too high, but it’s worthwhile to wait. The pizza costs 5 Euros (23 Reais), they serve only 02 flavors, margherita or marinara, medium size if you compare to the ones in Brazil, and they don’t have so much topping, but it’s too delicious.

Pizzeria of Michele

Pizza Margherita

Where to Stay

We chose to stay in Airbnb, and we found an excellent place, a complete house, only 3 kilometers far from the center of Pompeii, where the touristic attractions are located, such as diggings, and an amazing view of the volcano, and we had total attention from our hosts.

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Mains of Transportation

We got there by a bus of Flixbus coming from Palermo, we paid 38 Euros (165 Reais) per ticket, at the bus station beside the train station, and we left, also by bus, to the city of Zadar, in Croatia, and we paid 70 Euros (315 Reais) per ticket. As inside the city, we used the train a lot, to go from Naples to Pompeii and vice versa, 25 kilometers paying 2.8 Euros (13 Reais) each one.

Train Tickets

Central Bus Station

Safety of the City

We thought it’s very safe during the time we stayed there. We saw some policing in the streets, but no guards at the touristic attractions. We walked a lot through all over the city during the daytime and it was very peaceful, the people are super friendly and helpful. We also avoided to take tours alone after 8p.m.

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Kind of Currency

The local currency of Italy is Euro, and the exchange in dollar for May/2019 is $1.00 to 0.90 Euros. We recommend to exchange the currency in a safe place such as an airport or at Exchange, a bank in the city. It’s always good to have the local currency.

Total Expenses

Our expenses in currency (REAIS) in Naples during 4 days for the couple were the following:

Feeding: R$111.00 (market, snacks)

Tour: R$154.00 (entrances)

Transportation: R$420.00 (bus, train)

Lodging: R$296.00 (Airbnb)

We satisfied our desire to visit the southern Italy, and when we passed through some cities by bus, we got very enthusiastic to go back and visit them someday, such as Enna, Catania, and many others.

When the bus passed inside Rome, our heart sped out, because it was the first place we visited in Europe, during a trip some years ago. It’s very worthwhile to visit from northern to southern Italy, there’re a bunch of wonderful contrasts and landscapes.