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We dropped by Ireland quickly, so we visited only Dublin, because soon at the arrival, in the airport, the immigration gave us only 7 days to stay in the country, once we only had booked on Airbnb for those days. We meant to stay in Ireland for almost one month, but in other cities, then we would leave, but we were given few days due to the procedures of the immigration. And there was no point in arguing, they made us adjust the ticket to leave the country and show it on the spot, otherwise we couldn’t enter the country. I confess that I had butterflies in my stomach (I was pretty nervous), but we understood it and everything was alright in the end, always keeping calm. So, we’ll talk a little about the places that we visited in Dublin.

Temple Bar and Pubs

Dublin has plenty of music and fun, and a public that loves ballads!

We visited a street named Essex Street East, where countless options of pubs are located, including one of the most known, named Temple Bar. But that was not the end. We visited at least three more in that street, at the same night, as there are over 600 options there, many ones integrate dance floor, table tennis and pool tables, Play Station and huge screens to watch matches. All that to please and keep people consuming there, and many matches that we watched were for free.

Facade of Temple Bar

Phoenix Park and Zoo

As it was on Saturday afternoon, when we got to the entrance gate of Phoenix park, we noticed that we could enter for free. It’s one of the most searched places by families to enjoy with kids, once there are many fields with lawns and there’s also a zoo inside the park. Whomever wants to visit the park can access its link to be up on the prices.

We were invited by Brazilian friends who live in Dublin nowadays to meet at Phoenix park and have a delicious picnic. It was amazing! They took us to a part of the park where many deer live, all free because the park is gigantic, and we could feed them, as our friends had taken some carrots. But then, the guards came and told us that carrots harm them and that was not their diet, so they ended up our fun.

Inside the park, there are still some cafés for who doesn’t take their snacks, so that they can buy them there.

Here’s the link of the zoo:

They love carrots!

Group of Deer at the Park

Castle of Dublin, Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Guinnes Brewery

Around the city, not very far from each other, we visited some of the main touristic attractions.

Castles of Dublin: The exterior part of the castle is not that impressive. Until 1922, it was the administrative headquarters of the government, but there’s a garden for free right in front of the entrance, where a lot of horses used to be trained formerly. But nowadays it’s great to relax, read a book and take some photos. For who wants to visit the interior part, the entrance is about 12 euros. Here’s the link:

Stephen Green Park: We loved to visit that public park right at the center of Dublin, with gardens that are well cared for, full of flowers, as it was Spring. And the day was very sunny and the sky was lively blue, what made it even more beautiful. Whereas outside, you can find many great cafés and even a shopping mall.

Cathedral of Saint Patrick: In Dublin, there are hundreds of places like that, a pretty beautiful cathedral made of stone that was built in 1191. He was the patron of the city and baptized the converted people in 450 already, in a well that is located beside the cathedral. To visit it, you have to pay around 6 euros. It also has a park where people meet before going to pubs.

Guinness Brewery: Typical brewery that has been the pride of the city since 1759, when it was founded. The dark beer is produced with a dense foam, and it’s the sixth biggest brewery in the world. Attached to the factory, there’s a museum that tells the story of its creation.

Here’s the link: https:

Beautiful Cathedral of Saint Patrick

Entrance of Guinness Brewery

Where to stay

We chose to stay with Expedia, and found an excellent place called #HashtagDubilnCampus, a room with a private bathroom and a kitchen with a shared dining room, the place also had a games and entertainment room, just 4 km from the center, very close to some of the most visited places in the region, details in the highlights of Instagram stories.

Means of Transport

We arrived by flight from Edinburgh, and to go to the city like many tourists, we used the special Airlink bus that goes from the airport towards the city center, worth 12 Euros for a return trip since we were going to leave by the same airport.


The local means of transport are great and very comfortable, it is very easy to use.

At the airport, you have access to buses

Safely on the City

For the period that we stayed we found it very safe, and we saw little policing in the streets and in the tourist spots. We walked a lot throughout the city during the day and it was very quiet, people are super friendly and helpful. We also avoid walking alone after 9 pm. We love walking around here.

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Internet For Your Trip

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Kind of Currency

Dublin’s local currency is the Euro, and the exchange rate in August / 2019 is $ 1.00 to 0.89 Euro. We recommend changing the currency in a safe place such as an airport or an Exchange, bank in the city. It is good to always have the local currency.

Total Expenses

Our currency expenses (REAL) in Dublin for 6 days for the couple looked like this:

Food: R$ 227,00 (market, Pub, snacks)

Transportation: R$ 109,00 (bus)

Accommodation: R$ 571,00 (Expedia)

We really loved to visit Dublin, a city full of young people walking around, searching for much fun. We saw some groups of friends in bachelor parties, where the fiancé always paid a forfeit (bet) to get more gifts from friends. It was amusing to see man wearing bridal gowns, some ones even half naked.

We had so much fun in that city, we’ll definitely go back there, also because there are many other cities to visit.