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Ithink it’s amazing to visit cities with so much history as that one and know that Lyon was founded in 43 B.C by Romans, and lots of monuments of that time are still preserved. There are so many places to be visited, lots of Medieval and Renaissancist legacies spread around the heart of the city.

It was awesome for us to stay there, as it’s so close to Switzerland, where we went on a day trip by bus until Geneva, which is also wonderful, it was an awesome trip which we’ll talk about on one of the topics below.

Basilica of Notre Dame of Fouviere

In our first day around the city, we went through wonderful landscapes of the rivers Rhône and Saône, which run in the city, we went towards a radio tower that looks like a part of the Eiffel Tower. It’s on the top of a hill and can be seen from very far, we found a path to go up, but it only has huge stairways. In the downhill, we went through the main access where cars, buses, etc. pass.

When we got there, we saw a church with many details in its front: Basilica of Notre Dame of Lyon, which has a romantic and byzantine design, built in 1884. One curiosity: it has received the nickname of ‘upside down elephant’, because its structure looks like an elephant and the four towers look like legs turned up, LOL.

As the day was wonderful and the overall high view is really beautiful, you can see thousands of chimneys that caught my eye, the rivers, all the city and the mountains in the boundary with Switzerland.

Gorgeous Basilica of Notre Dame

View of the City from the Top of the Church

View of the Church of the City

Tami and the Blue Sky

Cathedral of Saint John and old Lyon

After going down the hill, we soon saw another church, the cathedral of Saint John, built in 1180, place visited by lots of tourists, as it’s in the region of Old Lyon, where you can find lots of historical buildings and the street Saint John, beside the cathedral, we saw a lot of pubs, restaurants, candy shops, confectionery stores and goodies.

Cathedral of Saint John

Goodies and Typical Food

Streets of Old Lyon

Fairs beside the river Saône

We were still walking around the old Lyon when we came across a big fair which had books, crafts, sculptures, canvas and many street artists introducing their beautiful and happy songs beside the river Saône.

After passing through the bridge Alphonse Juin, there’s another fair, but that one has a lot of other fresh products, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and roasted chicken, bread and candies. It’s impossible to leave there without buying anything, and the prices are very attractive too.

That was where we tried a typical brioche named Praline, which is kind of a sweet bread with little pink meringues. It’s worthwhile to taste.

Fairs of Lyon

Visual of the River Saône

Fairs - Fresh Products

Place Bellecour

That square itself doesn’t have so much to be seen, unless a statue of Louis XIV and many people walking or eating, but that’s close to lots of super stores which sell brilliants and high standard designer, mainly on President Eduardo Herriot street.

Fountain Going to the Square

Bellecour Square

Tête d`or Park

That place is a very complete and also very big park, where we saw when we were walking: a lake to ride by boat or paddle boat, a free access zoo, with lots of animals to be seen, and even a little amusement park for kids to have fun. Take a cloth if you want to sit down on a huge lawn, where there are lots of people concentrated who take the chance to have a snack, play with their children or dogs, and children even play soccer. We had such a nice afternoon.

Tête d'or Park

Relaxing at the Park

Flowers at the Park

Where to stay

We chose to stay by Airbnb, and found a great place, a complete apartment, 1 Km from the center of Lyon, where there are numerous sights, we still had full attention by our host.

Here is our Airbnb link, where you can have a discount too!

Means of Transportation

We arrived via flixbus bus from Munich Germany, worth 27 Euros (118 reais) each ticket. Already inside the city we went by subway to our Airbnb.

The means of transport are great and very comfortable, very easy to use, there are totems where tickets can be bought 1.60 Euros (7 Reais).

Bus of Lyon

Safety of the city

By the time we stayed we found it very safe, and we saw a bit of policing through the streets and sights. We walked a lot all over the city during the day and it was very quiet, the people are super friendly and helpful. We also avoid walking alone after 8pm. We love to walk around here.

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Kind of currency

Lyon’s local currency is the Euro, and the dollar exchange rate for June / 2019 is $ 1.00 to 0.90 Euro. We recommend changing currency in a safe place such as an airport or an Exchange, city bank. It’s good to always have local currency.

Expenses total

Our expenses in currency (REAIS) in Lyon during 6 days for the couple were the following:

Feeding: R$100,00 (market, snacks)

Transportation: R$305,00 (bus,train)

Lodging: R$489,00 (Airbnb)

We enjoyed Lyon very much, that’s a beautiful city and it’s full of places to be visited and to have their history told. We stayed at a great airbnb, we contacted local people and we could exchange ideas and experiences. The culture in Lyon is very strong, and it’s taught since very early school.

The touristic attractions of that city are spectacular, there were lots of walking, tours around the parks, where we relaxed and rested. We tasted some goodies of the cuisine and, in general, we enjoyed our days a lot.