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Regarded as the city of students, once 1/3 of the population is composed by students of lots of universities and education institutions, mainly IT and languages ones. We loved to visit that place. It has a lot of structures of the Medieval era, and in that time of the year (June), there weren’t so many tourists. That’s excellent for who doesn’t like crowds.

Place Royale Du Peyrou

That was the first place we visited in the city. Known as a royal square, it’s an esplanade (plain and high terrain), where we saw a lot of people going to relax, walk, do exercises, etc. And it also has a great vision of a big part of the city.

There’s an aqueduct and a reservoir built in 1753 and many statues. It’s in front of the Triumphal Arch of Montpellier, built for the king Louis XIV. which tells a little about his conquests and glory.

The arch is very beautiful and provides access to a very fancy part of the city, by one of the main streets, Foch street, and it will take you to the Place de la Comédie, but you pass through countless pubs, design stores, the central market, the city hall and a lot of restaurants.

Place Royale Du Peyrou

Triumphal Arch

Visual of the Fountain

Foch Street

Place de La Comédie

That square is located right in the center of the city and has a lot of structures from the 15th century, such as the movie theater. There, we visited the shopping mall and tried a different kind of crepe, that is, the French crepe. That tastes more like a pancake for us, as the dough is similar and the fillings have small variation (I’ve tasted better ones, LOL).

We passed through Jardin Champs de March, beside the square, a great place to enjoy an ice cream and see children playing. There are a lot of fountains and a large green area.

Place de la Comédie

French Crepe

Fountain at the Square

Fountain of Jardin Champs de March

Google Atelier Numeric

Walking through downtown, right next to the mall, we saw an enormous building of Google, and as we’re curious, we searched on the net (Google) what that building was about, and we figured out a super interesting thing: it’s a customer service center. That means it’s for all of us, because, if somebody has a cell phone, it’s impossible not to use anything from that company!

As we had some questions about some topics, we went to the reception desk and, of course, as good French people, they spoke English, and they served us very well. Besides answering our questions, they invited us to take part of the countless free lectures given right there. They gave us a primer with the schedule of the whole month. We thought that’s awesome, super useful information, we just have to want to learn.

They also have a space where they support startups to show their products to visitors. We used many ones, and that city is a big pole of IT.

Entrance of Google Atelier

Testing the Simulator

Cathedral Of Montpellier

That cathedral has the most beautiful stained-glasses I’ve ever seen. Its front reminds me a castle. It was built in the 14th century, and we listened to the song played by the organ, and it’s very beautiful. The acoustic of the church is great, and there are lots of sculptures to be seen.

One tip is to visit ‘Le jardin des plants’, beside the cathedral. And the entrance is free. A great place to relax, read a book, or have a picnic.

Cathedral of Montpellier

Altar of the Cathedral

Organ Inside

Château De Flauguergues

As we enjoyed visiting vineyards and taste some wine, we chose to visit Château de Flauguergues, a very interesting place! We visited its gardens, the vineyard, and the place where fruits and vegetables are cultivated. We met Natalie, who takes care of the garden and explained us a lot of things about the plants and their care. After that, we tasted the wine they produce, each one can choose and taste up to 03 kinds, Tami chose her 03 ones and I chose 03 different ones and, thus, we could taste 06 kinds of wine, LOL!

In some days of the week, we can also visit a beautiful house (super ancient), where the owners of the place still live, that’s why it’s open only in some periods. It was such a nice morning! The place is about 4 kilometers far from downtown and the entrance plus tasting cost 7 Euros per person (30 Reais).

Château de Flauguergues

Gardens of Château

Where To Stay

We chose to stay in by Airbnb, and we found a great location, an apartment full, just 2 km from the center of Montpellier, where countless tourist spots are located, we still had total attention by our host.

Let’s leave here our Airbnb link, so you can get a discount too, thanks!

Means of Transportation

We arrived via flixbus bus from Lyon in France, worth 17 Euros (72 reais) each ticket. Once inside the city, we took the subway to our Airbnb.

The means of transport are great and very comfortable, it is very easy to use, there are totems where you can buy tickets 1.60 Euros (7 Reais).

Tram of Montpellier

Station train

Safety of the City

For the period we stayed we found it very safe, and we saw a lot of policing in the streets and in the tourist spots. We walked a lot throughout the city during the day and it was very quiet, people are super friendly and helpful. We also avoid walking alone after 9 pm. We love walking around here.


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Kind of Currency

The local currency of Montpellier is Euro, in the exchange in dollar for May/2019 is $1.00 to 0.90 Euros. We recommend to exchange the currency in a safe place such as an airport or at Exchange, a bank in the city. It’s always good to have the local currency.

Expenses total

Our expenses in currency (REAIS) in Montpellier during 5 days for the couple were the following:

Feeding: R$187.00 (market, snacks)

Transportation: R$198.00 (bus)

Lodging: R$534.00 (Airbnb)

That’s a city that really surprised us, as there was almost no information about tourism and places to visit. Despite being a city with lots of students, it has amazing options to visit and beautiful touristic attractions.

We had nice days, we visited a lot of places and walked through the streets. Everything is close, we did everything on foot, our experience with Google Atelier, the visit to the Château and tasting the wine was wonderful.

In 03 days, it’s possible to know well the city and get surprised.